We Supply all types of power transmission line pole products. Tangent pole ,dead end pole, H frame transmission structure distribution lighting pole , traffic signal pole , telecom pole and Guyed mast etc. 

Electricity Voltage: 110kv, 115kv, 132kv, 138kv ,220kv, 230kv, 400kv, 500kv, 750kv,

Performance Standard

Besides conforms to the drawing and design, the materials and fabrication of tower components shall conform to the following standards (Chinese Standards) and customer's requirements.

Welding Requirements

  *CO2 gas shielded welding, auto submerged arc welding and other methods.

  *Welded seam shall be full penetration and grinded.

  *The welded product has no fissure, scar, overlap, layer or other defects.

Surface Treatment

All steel items, bolts, nuts, washers & other components to be hot-dip galvanized uniformly. Painting for corrosion proof as per requirements.