Production Equipment

We have all types of profile CNC machining equipments and a variety of CNC production line. Two CNC drilling lines , seven angle steel automatic drilling lines, two plane drilling machines,seven yoke plate drilling or punching machines, , E3080large drilling machine, one H steel 3D drilling machine, two large end milling machine, four -column rectifying machine , 20B hydraulic plate shears, 2500t press machine, 250t trial assembly crane, submerged-arc welding center, Straight flange welding machine, NC torch cutting machine and 6-shaft NC tube intersection-cutting line etc. All these advanced machines and production line not only make sure the product quality, bu also greatly improve the production efficiency. 

1、Production Equipment

2. Production Equipment List

We have advanced 16 automatic CNC production lines. Over 200 sets of various of types of equipment. Main equipment list as below:

SL.Equipment NameTypeQtyManufacturerMade YearUsageWork locationRemark
1NC angle steel automatic Production lineBL20165Shandong Fayin NC machineery Co.,LTD2009.06Angle steel automaticAutomatic production line
23dimensional NC Drilling machineSWZ10002Shandong Fayin NC machineery Co.,LTD2009.11Dring hole on the 3 surface of H steel at the same time, Max hole diameter φ33.5㎜
3CNC plane drilling machinePD162Shandong Fayin NC machineery Co.,LTD2008.2Can be switched double workbench.At the same time fix 4sets of workpiece,Max. 1650 × 1000 × 80mm ,Max diameterΦ 50mm
4Intersecting line CNC cutting machineSKG.G-B1Haerbin Xihai Keji Co.,Ltd.2008.09Cuting pipe Outside diameter:Φ60-Φ1000mm,cutting carbon steel wall thickness:5-25mm,cutting tube length:200mm
5Flange & tube welding Production lineFWFGC-402Hangzhou Xinchengxiang Jidian Keji Co.,ltd.2007.3To insert flange welding,butt-type flange welding
6Flange butt connection production lineFWFZC-1111Hangzhou Xinchengxiang Jidian Keji Co.,ltd.2007.5plug-in type flange group, joint type of flange
7Gusset plate punching machinePP1032Shandong Fayin NC machineery Co.,LTD2007.06NC automatic punching hole
8H steel production lineH15005Wuxi huanglian Scientific Co.,ltd.2008.01Can make flange slab width 200-800mm,H:200-1500mm,flange slab thickness:6-40mm;lenghth4000-15000mm
9BOX series steel beamBOX-1200×1200×150002Wuxi Huanlian Keji Group2008.1Applicable width 300-1200mm,
Max side plate thickness16-120mm,workpiece length5000-15000mm,single pc weight 30T
10Plate cutting equipmentDHG.CNC-100002Haerbin Chengtao equipment Co.,ltd.2008.12Plate cutting thickness 100mm,speed 300mm/min
HW.HG-60001200mm,speed 300mm/min
DHG.CNC-40001Cutting plate thickness200mm,speed 300mm/min
HW.HG-120001Tube cutting thickness25mm
11edge milling machineXB-4500*120001Wuxi Huanlian Keji Co.,ltd/Milling speed:800-1500mm/min;
Milling Plate length 12500mm
Tube making equipment
12Pre-bend machineYW-2500/30001Hhangshi Forging tool Co.,Ltd/Bend plate thickness 8-60mm
13Big rod bending machinePPF3600/1201Hhangshi Forging tool Co.,Ltd/Max bending pressure:3600MT
Length range7-12.05m
Thickness range 12-50mm
14Shaping machineJZ2000/1500*15002Nantong Forging equipment Co.,ltd./Min.Dia350,Max.1422mm
15Shearing machineQC12Y-20×25002Tianshui Forge Corporation2005.1Thickness Max.20mm,Max 2.5m in lengthForging equipment
QC12Y-16×25002Tianshui forging2005.1Thickness Max.16mm,Max.2.5m in length
16Chamfering machineGD202Wuxi Yangtong2007.1Max chamfering of 30°
17Profiles roll bending machine Double disk friction screw pressW24-1001Yizhou forging Co.,Ltd.2008.1Tube rollingMax bending=1000mm
JB67-60t6Boshan Pressure machine2009.1Seal marking, Max Pressure 60T
18Double disk friction screw pressJA53-63t1Qingdao Forge Firm2006.1Make Marknominal63T
19Double disk friction pressure machineJA53-300t1Qingdao Forging machinery2007.1Leveling connection plate,gusset plate
20Four pillars universal hydraulic pressYE32-5000KN1Huzhou machine tool plant2008.03Leveling of the flange, nominal pressure500T
21Single column hydraulic pressure machineED9714-25012nd machine tool plant in tianjin2006.03norminal pressure250T
22open-type inclinable pressure machineJ23-160B1Xuzhou forging factory2010.03Norminal pressure160T
23air compressor6m34antai compression factory2005.03Use for manual blasting derusting.
24Open type pressure machine with fixed bedJB21-160T4RongCheng forging machinery factory2006.03Nominal pressure160T
25Open type press with fixed bedJ23-100B6RongCheng forging machinery factory2006.03Nominal pressure100T
26NC positionerGDT-3602Self made2003.11Flange & tube welding positionerspecial clamping fixture and platform of the large tower manufacturing
27Nc loftingPTE-Ⅱ2Self made2003.111:1 lofting specially prepared for complex components
28Large lofting platformTP-Ⅲ2Self made2003.11Steel tower , large pipe fittings 1:1 lofting
29TIG WELDING MACHINESWS7-4004Sichuan Marui/weldingWelding equipment
30CO2gas shielded welding machineKRⅡ-500116Tangshan Songxia machinery2006.07Welding
31CO2gas shielded welding machineKH-500Zhejiang Kaierda Welding machine factory2006.08Welding
32Longitudinal submerged arc welding machineLinken 1000A、1500A4America/Longitudinal seam submerged arc welded pipe
33Internal automatic SAW machineLinken 1000A、1500A4America/Welded tube make
34Submerged arc welding machineMZ-100041Shanghai Kaiyida2006.05welding
35DC WelderZX5-80072Nantong Welding machine2006.08Welding
36Ac welderBX1-40012Zhaoyuan welding machine2006.08Welding
37Welding rod drying boxYZH-1004Wujiang welding cutting equipment factory2004.1Electrode drying
38Flux drying ovenYXHZ-5502Wujiang welding cutting equipment factory2004.1Flux drying
39Carbon arc air gouging machineZGF-8004Shanghai Kaiyida2006.06Welding residue clearing
40Carbon arc air gouging machineZX5-8002Nantong2006.06Welding residue clearing
41Lathing machineCA62405Dezhou2003.06lathingMaching equipment
42Lathing machineCW62803Yishui2003.05Lathing
43universal radial drilling machineZ3132K39Wendeng2005.05Max drilling holeΦ32
44radial drilling machineZ3050*25/16Shenyang2004.07Drilling holeΦ50 at Max
45radial drilling machineZ3080*16/11Shenyang2005.12Drilling holeΦ80 at max.
46magnetic drill pressJC-232Shanghai/Drilling holeΦ23 at max.
47magnetic drill pressJC-328shanghai/Drilling holeΦ32 at max
48Shaping machineBY60100B-10003tianshui2003.07Machining 1000mm in length.
49two beam overhead crane20/5T10Henan2005.08Lift 20T max.crane
50two beam overhead crane10t+10t14Yantai2005.08Lift 20T max
51single-beam crane10T16Wuxi2006.07Lift 10T max
52single-beam crane10TSuzhou2004.07Lift 10T max
53two beam overhead crane(5+5)T4Shiheng2004.11Lift 10T max
54semigantry crane5T4suzhou2004.08Max lift 5T
55semigantry crane5T3Wuxi2006.07Max lift 5T
56Forklift5T、6T2Dalian forklift company2002.1Max lift 6T
57Disc type flip assembly device60~200T1Self made2004.02Φ5400mm,60t-200t Big plate beams splicing, welding and assembly
58gas-fired boiler (constant temperature automatic controll15000×25001Germany2006.08The max component can be galvanized is 15m in length.Galvanizing equipment
59Tower pickling equipment20m×2m8Self made2002.05Pickling workpiece up to 20 meters
60Tower alkaline cleaning device20m×2m1Self made2002.05Alkaline cleaning workpiece Max length 20 metersGalvanizing equipment
61Infrared intelligent temperature controller1200KW3Wuxi2005.05medium thickness plate preheated, after heat treatmentheat treatment equipment
62Infrared intelligent temperature controller60KW6Wuxi2004.09medium thickness plate preheated, after heat treatment
63Shot blastingHP08161Wuxi2006.09spraying on derusting required component ,derusting level achieve Sa2.5 abovederusting
64Sand blast machinemanual2Shanghai2003.03spraying on derusting required component ,derusting level achieve Sa2.5 above
65Hot dip galvanizing pool13*2.5*2.8m2Share stake2005Galvanizing corrosion proofJiaozhou
66CNC Sawing MachineSpecial size1Xuzhou2014sawingNew workshop

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