Typical Case

Typical Case I: Power Plant Project

In the range of power plants, including the main plant (centralized control building, steam engine room, oxygen room, coal bin, etc.), boiler steel structure, flue gas desulfurization denitrification steel structure, air-cooled steel structure, coal convey structure etc.

We have much  experience in power plant steel structure modeling and  in processing,  can provide on-site guidance for the installation etc after-sales service.

We are qualified supplier of Belgian Hamon, Beijing , Beijing Shouhang to Yanchang , the oil group , energy and chemical-owned power plant , air-cooled steel structure project is under construction.

Typical Case II : Building Steel Structure 

We have  finished a large number of industrial building strucutre construction, undertaken the the production tasks of high-rise steel building structure. Suas as Qingdao Oriental Cenema, Xuwei comprehensive control tower ,Qingdao World Horticultural Expo Theme Pavilion etc.

Typical Case III: Petrochemical Structures 

We finished many elevated flares in both domestic market and overseas one. The products include fixed derrick supported structure , self supported structure, demountable riser structure and guyed derrick. Our products were exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Iran, Tanzania, Zambia,Chad, Pakistan , Nigeria ,Sudan ,Venezuela,Yemen etc countries.

Typical Case IV: Broadcast & TV  Tower 

We completed many broadcast and tv tower projects. 

1. Jinzhou radio and tc observation tower, 189m in height

2. Xinghua radio and tv tower ,159m in height.

3. Suqian  radio and tv tower , 332.1 m in height.

4.Jilin TV FM transmitter tower ,220m in height.

5. Manzhouli(Inner Mongolia) TV tower , 180m in height.

6.Zhangjiagang integrated MW tower ,self supporting tower .

7.Binzhou Broadcast & TV Landcape Tower, 220m in height.

8. Xinjiang Kezhou Broadcast & TV Tower ,160m in height.

Typical Case V: Electric Power Transmission Tower ,Electricity Pylon

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