Electricity Transmission Lines

  • Electricity Transmission Lines

    Transmission line tower, according to its shape is generally divided into: glass type, cat type, on the font, dry type and bucket type five, according to the usage of points: tension tower, suspension tower, transposition tower,dead end tower and river crossing tower. The tower is mainly composed of a single equilateral angle or combination angle steel, the material is generally used Q235 (A3F), the main structure of the tower is a space truss structure, And Q345 (16Mn), the connection between the bars is made of thick bolts, which are connected by bolts. The whole tower is composed of angle steel, connecting steel plate and bolts. Individual parts such as tower feet are welded by several pieces of steel plate into an assembly , So hot galvanized corrosion, transportation and construction of the erection is extremely convenient. For the tower nominal height below 60 meters, one of the main material in the tower leg set step bolt to facilitate the construction workers to climb.

    Tower configurature:
    The entire tower mainly composed by the tower head, tower body and tower legs three segments, if the guyed wire type ,  the cable line will be used.

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